The new policy of separating all families seeking asylum in the U.S. has resulted in at least 2,000 children being ripped apart from their parents in the last 6 weeks. In many cases, young children are being kept in prison-like conditions and are unable to contact their parents. Every day this goes on, it is causing irreparable harm to children as young as 4 months old!

As a father, I can't possibly enjoy celebrating this Father's Day with my family while these families seeking to escape violence are being torn apart. That's why our family has been inspired to make this Sunday a #FathersDayOfAction to do what we can to help keep asylum-seeking families together.



Organize An Event

Any event large or small can make a difference. We're building a directory of #FathersDayOfAction events happening this Sunday, June 17 so people can find one to join in their local community. If you're interested in organizing one, please fill out the form below so we can help spread the word to your neighbors or email us at info [at] with any questions.

If you're a restaurant doing Father's Day Brunch, please check out our Brunch page for info on how to make your brunch service a fundraiser that we'll promote in our event directory and on social media.


ActBlue has created a page to allow you to make one donation that benefits 8 groups providing services directly to parents and children who have been separated.

Other notable organizations raising money include:


Contact Congress

There are currently 2 bills before Congress to end the family separation policy:

  • Senate: Keep Families Together Act
  • House: HELP Separated Children Act

Call your elected representatives at (202) 224-3121 OR write them by texting RESIST to 50409